Posting Frequency

septiembre 9, 2007

When I started this blog I made a resolution – no more than two cocktails after dinner. Okay, three if it’s been an especially stressful day…

I’m kidding, of course. I drink as much as I want!

Seriously, I made a vow to post something every day. I didn’t want to have one of those blogs where you could take a trip to the farthest reaches of Siberia in between the owner’s posts. Besides, I’ve been writing about as long as I’ve been doing magic. So coming up with something new to add every day shouldn’t be a problem, right?


The problem, as in so many things, is time. I simply can’t find the time to sit down and write something worthwhile every day – not as long as I want to keep frivolities like sleeping and eating in my life. Oh, I suppose I could come up with something new every single day, but I might end up making a lot of posts like this:

Went to Wal-Mart earlier. Some kid gave me a funny look. Stupid kid.

Not exactly intellectually stimulating, huh? I guess the choice comes down to quality versus quantity. Much as it is with magic, where you can choose to have a whole slew of so-so tricks or a handful of really good ones, I can either post a lot of superficial, mediocre nonsense on a daily basis or thoughtful, and hopefully insightful, things with less frequency. The choice seems pretty clear.

The good news is at this juncture I still have material on my hard drive I haven’t used. But things might be slowing down just a bit. I don’t want to squander my store and have to rely on posts about Wal-Mart.

So for today this is probably it. I have a party this afternoon and time is limited. But stay tuned because there’s much new on the way – interviews, reviews, effects, more essays, and maybe a contest. And maybe I can finagle some more stuff from Suzanne – always a good thing. Take care and I’ll see you next time.