A friend sent me the link to this video yesterday and I thought I’d post it here. A very nice performance — smooth, graceful, and polished. I don’t know who this young lady is, but her skills are surpassed only by the charming quality she projects. Outstanding.

4 Responses to Nice

  1. Juan dice:

    This is the history of this video and some more details:
    In we have a contest. September 25 “Ella” records this video for the contest:
    October 2 start two threads in The Magic Cafe, this (6 pages):
    and this:

    And this 4 pages thread in a french forum:

    October 4 “Ella” wins the contest and keep getting lots of comments (from big names too)about her performance in this post:

    Just to let you know 🙂

  2. Jim Coles dice:

    Juan, a female magician friend sent me the link — she got it from the Magic Cafe thread. I watched the video on YouTube and didn’t even notice that it has blogdemagia in the title — shows you what an observant guy I am. It’s easy to see why she won the contest!

    She obviously has a lot of talent. It’s truly an outstanding video.

  3. Ella dice:

    hello, i am Ella, my real name is claudia
    i am 22 yeras old, and i am studing magic for 2 years ago.

  4. Jim Coles dice:

    Ella, I just want to commend you again for doing such a great job. The fact that you’ve only been doing magic for two years is further evidence of your talent — there are people who’ve been doing magic for twenty years who couldn’t do as well. You come across as likable, you have a natural ability to communicate without words, and you do amazing magic. Bravo.


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